Are there only discounted products on the marketplaces?

No. The products on sale can be both full price and discounted, YOCABÈ undertakes to agree prices to the public and any promotions directly with the brand. In this way the brand has full control over the prices charged.

I already have a shop on amazon, can I use your service?

Absolutely yes. The products will be sold through the shop window of YOCABÈ.

My warehouse is not able to manage B2C shipments, can I use your service?

Yes. Thanks to the two warehouses optimized for the e-commerce, Yocabè is able to fully manage the logistics and shipments destined to the final customers.

Is it mandatory to sell products on all your channels or can I choose which one?

Working with YOCABÈ means having a large number of alternative sales channels available. Our advice is to exploit them all, however if you need you can select only a part of them.