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What do Online Travel Agencies like Expedia and fashion brands have in common?

In 2015, while the EXPO was opening and a new Star Wars was coming out after 30 years from the last one, Vito and Lorenzo decided to start a new adventure. 

Their idea was very straight-forward: why don’t do in the fashion sector what Expedia has already being doing for small and big hotels? In other words the goals was to connect fashion brands with clients all over the world, without the need of investing in technology, processes and know-how.

So Vito Perrone and Lorenzo Ciglioni – both Expedia’s Managers – decided to create YOCABÈ, the first Italian solution that helps companies to engage with clients who regularly buy on marketplaces, all over the world.

Later Andrea Mariotti joined this exciting project as Brand Partnership Manager.

Vito Perrone

Vito Perrone
CEO & Co-Founder

Lorenzo Ciglioni

Lorenzo Ciglioni
CPO & Co-Founder

Andrea Mariotti

Andrea Mariotti
Brand Partnership & Co-Founder

Today we are a structured team focused on online sales, logistics, global distribution.

Your clients are ours. We protect your brand. We take care of your products, claims and deliveries. Many fashion brands – such as Carrera Jeans, Diadora, Refrigiwear, Invicta, Meltin’Pot – have already chose us to bring their products where their potential customers are. 

What can we do for your brand? Let us know or let’s meet at Pi Campus, the mini Silicon Valley in Rome.

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Let’s meet in our office in Rome, Via Nepal 16 

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