One solution, multiple advantages.

Multiply your presence on different online channels, keep full control of your prices, reduce your stock.

Sell at the best price for your brand

The SmartPricing algorithms dynamically select the best price for a given moment, while protecting your margins.

Smart Logistics at the most convenient cost

With the SmartLogistics we sell your products without transferring the whole catalogue to our logistic site.

Multilingual and up-to-date online catalogue

Thanks to the SmartCatalogue we create catalogues in multiple languages, optimized for each marketplace.

New channels for your products

You don’t need to open a new shop. Our online stores – positively reviewed by thousand customers – are ready to sell your products.

The most useful e-commerce skills

Each online channel has its own rules. We deeply know how to let you get the greatest potential from each of them.

Multingual Customer Service

Your clients are ours. We take care of deliveries, returns, complaints in different languages, for multiple countries.

Sales analysis and reports

What are the best-selling products? In which online channels? With the sales reports and analysis you always have the full control of your performances.

Your exclusive brand shop

From Amazon Brand Registry to eBay Fashion Hub: we showcase your products and value proposition in your reserved marketplaces’ web sections.

Advertising on Marketplaces

Campaigns, sponsored products, promoted listings: we engage new clients for your brand through all the marketing tools offered by each marketplace.


Are there only discounted products on the marketplaces?

No. The products on sale can be both full price and discounted, we will set up together the best pricing strategy for your brand, so you will keep the full control over the prices charged.

I already have a shop on Amazon, can I use your service?

Absolutely yes. We will boost your brand’s presence on Amazon also through the YOCABÈ’s shop.

My warehouse is not able to manage B2C shipments, can I use your service?

Yes. Thanks to our SmartLogistics, we will fully manage the logistics and deliveries to the final customers.

Is it mandatory to sell products on all your channels or can I do a selection of those?

You can use all the available stores we have or choose some of them. We will select together the most suitable online sales channels for your business.

How RefrigiWear is growing on Amazon

More control, more quality content, +41% sales and up to +60% margins.

Which is the best sales strategy on Amazon? It depends: each brand has its own story. This is the (successful) one about the fashion brand RefrigiWear.

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