Yocabè: The First Steps Towards Carbon Neutral Logistics

carbon neutral logistics

In the world of online business, where purchases are made with a simple click and fast deliveries have become the norm, a crucial challenge arises: reducing the environmental footprint without compromising efficiency.

In this context, carbon-neutral logistics is no longer just an option, but an imperative necessity that every company must confront.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of environmental issues, thus e-commerce businesses are called to respond with sustainable solutions that ensure a greener future.

It is important to emphasize how transitioning to carbon-neutral logistics can not only be a significant benefit for the planet but also offer substantial competitive advantages in the global market.

Indeed, sustainability and commercial success can go hand in hand, leading a company to great outcomes.

logistica carbon neutral

Environmental Impact in the Fashion Industry

The e-commerce sector is notoriously associated with high levels of carbon emissions, positioning it as an area of great contradiction.

On one hand, there is a growing sensitivity towards sustainability among consumers, which is also expressed through the purchase of second-hand items.

On the other hand, the phenomenon of fast fashion reveals that many still view clothing primarily as a disposable consumer good, with the additional problem of a high rate of returns.

In this complex context, Yocabè collaborates with numerous fashion brands, managing their international shipments.

This central position has made it crucial to identify strategies that not only promote the growth of online brands in Italy and abroad but do so in a sustainable manner, minimizing environmental impact.

Yocabè and Its Project Towards Sustainability

Today, Yocabè has achieved carbon neutrality with the help of Up2You, offsetting 19.01 tonnes of CO2 through 8 projects in 7 countries. Our commitment focuses on the use of renewable energies and the active involvement of partners and the team towards sustainable practices.

Yocabè Chooses Asendia Italy as a Partner to Achieve 100% Carbon Neutral Logistics

Asendia, one of the global leaders in logistics and distribution, places environmental protection at the heart of its priorities.

Asendia stands out for its ambitious sustainability strategy; in fact, since 2022 it has been 100% carbon neutral by offsetting.

It offsets CO2 emissions primarily from international transport, investing in renewable energy projects, thus ensuring a reduced ecological footprint in the services offered, including those provided through international partnerships.

In 2023 alone, Asendia offset 261,051 tonnes of CO2 by investing in wind farms.

The partnership between Yocabè and Asendia Italy represents a strategic and conscious step in the sustainability journey undertaken by Yocabè.

The collaboration with Asendia is the result of a considered choice, aimed at strengthening the eco-sustainable approach within the context of digital commerce.

The e-commerce sector is notoriously associated with significant carbon emissions, making the adoption of responsible practices essential for those operating in this field.

Both companies stand out for their commitment to carbon neutrality and for their active participation in offsetting carbon emissions.

This collaboration allows brands to expand their global presence and enhance the shopping experience, while integrating effective multichannel strategies that respect the environment.