SEO Ranking Factors: how to optimize Amazon’s algorithm for maximum benefit

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Online commerce is constantly growing, and Amazon continues to stand as one of the e-commerce giants.

Considering the millions of products it offers and its vast customer base worldwide, having a strong presence on Amazon is crucial for achieving sales success.

Therefore, Amazon SEO is essential to optimize your product’s visibility on the marketplace and increase conversion opportunities.

amazon seo

What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO is a set of strategies and techniques aimed at improving the visibility and positioning of products within Amazon’s internal search engine.

Therefore, the goal is to make a seller’s products more easily discoverable by buyers when they conduct searches on the platform.

Unlike traditional SEO for search engines like Google, where the aim is to achieve high rankings in organic results, Amazon SEO is specifically focused on the marketplace’s search engine.

Why is it important?

SEO is highly significant for Amazon as many buyers initiate their product searches on the marketplace even before Google.

Amazon’s search algorithm is designed for shopping, thereby presenting the most relevant products as search results. This streamlines the buyer’s journey from search to purchase.

Therefore, through Amazon SEO, it is possible to enhance the visibility and positioning of one’s products, consequently leading to increased sales.

Factors influencing Amazon’s algorithm

Search engine operations are governed by intricate algorithms. Amazon’s algorithm primarily centers around customer satisfaction. Amazon’s customer-centric approach has led to various algorithm updates over time, impacting sellers’ strategies for product placement.

The latest algorithm update, known as A10, focuses on enhancing customers’ shopping experience and takes into account several indicative parameters of customer interest in a product, such as:

  • Reviews
  • Time spent on the product page
  • Questions and answers on the product listing.

A10 also considers other crucial factors:

  • Sales from external traffic
  • Seller authority based on account rating and seller health metrics
  • Product conversion rate
  • Organic product sales.

Amazon SEO: how does the marketplace algorithm work?

Proper content indexing is crucial for all search engines, including Amazon.

Amazon’s crawlers assign a product category and then evaluate various parameters like images, title, description, reviews, and bullet points to position the product in Amazon’s SERP.

This process occurs continuously, adapting to the product’s sales parameters. To optimize the product listing on Amazon, attention to detail is essential.

AMAZON SERP: what constitutes it

Amazon’s SERP comprises different sections, including a space for sponsored ads and an area where sellers secure top positions through keywords. The rest of the space is organic, and products are ranked based on sales metrics and customer experience.

Product positioning on the SERP depends on the product’s relevance to the search query and its popularity. Hence, several factors influence ranking, such as title, description, backend keywords, sales velocity, conversion rate, reviews, and more.

How to achieve high rankings through Amazon SEO?

amazon seo

How can one achieve top placement on the Amazon SERP? Needs vary based on the product and seller, but there are some highly useful techniques to reach the top positions:

  • Relevant keywords: optimize product listings with relevant and pertinent keywords.
  • Bullet point list and description: utilize bullet point lists and descriptions to incorporate relevant long-tail keywords.
  • Back-end: leverage the back-end to add additional relevant keywords visible only to the algorithm.
  • Conversion rate: utilize images, descriptions, A+ content, videos, and comprehensive answers to increase the conversion rate.
  • Sales velocity: promotions, sponsored campaigns, paid ads, and external traffic can boost sales velocity.
  • Reviews: positive reviews directly influence ranking.

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