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Privalia and Veepee

If you have a certain quantity of unsold stock and want to maximize your profits, you could leverage the concept of multichannel selling and consider selling on marketplaces like Privalia and Veepee.

These two websites are known for providing a wide customer base looking for exclusive deals on high-quality products.

Privalia and Veepee

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Veepee and Privalia: who they are

Veepee, formerly known as Vente-Privée, is a French company with a strong presence in Europe but has also expanded into other countries.

It offers a wide range of products, including clothing, accessories, cosmetics, home goods, and more.

In 2019, Vente-Privée acquired Privalia, giving rise to Veepee, a name that encompasses various acquisitions over the years, including Privalia.

As of today, the two websites operate separately and are active in different geographical contexts:

  • Privalia is more focused on the Latin American and European markets, with a significant presence in Spain, Italy, Brazil, and Mexico.
  • Veepee has a broader presence in Europe and operates in various countries, including France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and many others.

#The Flash Sales marketplaces

Both marketplaces are renowned for their time-limited promotional offers.

They are, in fact, online fashion outlets based on the Flash Sales model, which involves short-term promotions lasting up to one week and accessible only to registered members.

Why sell on Privalia and Veepee?

Some advantages of selling your stock on marketplaces like Privalia and Veepee can include:

  • Large customer base: Privalia and Veepee boast millions of registered members worldwide, which means a vast audience of potential buyers for your stock.
  • Exclusivity: These marketplaces are built around flash sales and exclusive offers. This can create a sense of urgency among customers, resulting in special attention to your items.
  • Optimized profits: The nature of sales on these sites often leads to a rapid clearance of stock, allowing you to efficiently dispose of excess inventory and avoid long-term storage costs.

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Privalia and Veepee

Selling your stock on Privalia and Veepee can be a profitable option to free up warehouse space and increase profits, especially if you choose to rely on experienced professionals like Yocabè.

Yocabè, a leading company in marketplace sales, is a reliable partner that assists businesses in managing and selling their inventory on both of these platforms.

By leveraging multichannel selling, you can optimize stock management, reaching a wide customer base on Privalia and Veepee, as well as other sales channels.

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