Locked Amazon account: all causes and possible solutions

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In recent years, e-commerce has revolutionized the way people make online purchases. In this regard, Amazon has earned a prominent position as the undisputed leader in the industry.

Therefore, Amazon is a profitable channel for account sellers, but there are rules to be followed, under penalty of the risk of account suspension.

So, what should you do if your Amazon account is blocked? Keep reading the article to find out.

When is a seller account blocked on Amazon?

It can happen that one’s seller account on Amazon gets blocked for various reasons. The account suspension represents an unpleasant situation for the seller as they cannot carry on with their business until the issue is resolved.

The marketplace’s automated algorithms monitor the indicators of sales performance and adherence to the selling policies agreed upon when enrolling in the Amazon Seller program.

When one or more protocols are violated, the seller’s account may be suspended or closed. In such cases, sellers with suspended or blocked accounts on the marketplace can refer to helpful procedures to follow.

There is a set of metrics through which Amazon observes sellers’ actions; if these metrics are not met, the account gets suspended.

Among the most common reasons for account suspension are:

  • Poor performance: If the review score is low, too many orders have been canceled, or shipments haven’t been made on time, the account suspension is highly likely.
  • Failure to meet Amazon’s performance goals (percentage of non-compliant orders <1%; pre-shipment cancellation rate <2.5%; shipping performance <4%).
  • Violation of selling policies: It is crucial to regularly check product information to ensure compliance with Amazon’s policies, carefully study Amazon’s selling rules, and stay updated on any changes made by Amazon.
  • Dealing with prohibited products: Amazon places great importance on maintaining high product quality, so they strive to remove products that do not align with their policies.

Constantly monitoring one’s account is essential to stay informed about any notifications.

Some of the main reasons

The main causes of suspension of an Amazon Seller account can relate to the seller’s performance, the performance of the sold products, or the performance of the seller account.

Some examples related to the seller’s performance are:

  • Shipment delays
  • Non-compliant items
  • Fraud against customers
  • Improper use of customer phone numbers

Some examples related to the performance of the sold products are:

  • Selling counterfeit goods on Amazon
  • Selling restricted merchandise
  • Violation of intellectual property rights
  • Unauthorized distribution

Some examples related to the performance of the seller account are:

  • Violation of Amazon’s rules and conditions
  • Unfair, fraudulent, or illegal actions
  • Account association
  • Request for additional documents to confirm identity and banking information.

How to unlock your Amazon account?

To unlock an Amazon account, you will need to contact the company through one of three possible methods: phone, chat, or email.

For phone support, simply call the number 800 145 851 and choose option 2 after listening to the recorded voice. An operator will answer, to whom you will need to provide verification information. Then, you will need to ask to speak to an account manager to proceed with unlocking the profile.

Through chat, you will need to use an active Amazon account or create one, then use the chat option and request to speak to a supervisor to explain the situation.

Via email, you can use the account access form by clicking on “Need Help?” and then “Other issues with access.” Select the option “Can’t sign in to my account” and from there, you can send an email to Amazon.

Amazon’s response may take up to 48-72 hours.

To unlock your Seller Central account, here are some recommendations to follow:

Present an action plan or appeal that demonstrates how you intend to resolve the issue reported by Amazon. Provide details of the actions you plan to take and include supporting documentation. Highlight positive aspects of your store to showcase your value on the marketplace.


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