ZFS Zalando: the logistic system of the marketplace

Zfs Zalando

E-commerce is a constantly evolving sector, and logistics plays a crucial role in ensuring fast, reliable, and efficient delivery of products to customers.

Zalando, one of the leading online fashion platforms in Europe, offers its partners the opportunity to leverage the marketplace’s logistics infrastructure: Zalando Fulfillment Solutions (ZFS).

But how does ZFS exactly work? What are its characteristics?

ZFS Zalando: the logistics infrastructure of the marketplace

Logistics is an important component of Zalando: Zalando Fulfillment Solutions (ZFS) is the logistics division of Zalando that offers services to brands and retailers who want to sell their products on the marketplace.

These services include:

  • Inventory supervision and warehouse logistics management: Zalando stores the items.
  • Order processing: Zalando packages the order in a single package, even in the case of different sellers, and relies on local couriers for customer delivery.
  • Returns management: Zalando takes care of customer returns and prepares them for reshipment.

ZFS provides Zalando partners with its infrastructure and logistics expertise to facilitate e-commerce operations and enhance the online selling experience.

From a single warehouse in Berlin in 2008, the logistics area now spans across Europe. The marketplace utilizes 12 order fulfillment centers in seven countries to serve its customers.

Fonte: https://corporate.zalando.com/en/about-us/zalando-logistics

Zalando directly manages warehouses in Germany, while sites outside German territory are autonomously managed by reliable partners.

In order to prepare for future growth and provide a convenient service to customers, Zalando intends to further expand its logistics network.

ZFS Zalando: Who is it for?

Zalando Fulfillment Solutions (ZFS) is a logistics service aimed at Zalando’s partners who want to benefit from the company’s logistics infrastructure and expertise.

Zalando’s partners, such as retailers and brands, can use ZFS to manage warehouse operations, order fulfillment, shipping, and returns in collaboration with the marketplace.

This service is designed to help partners simplify e-commerce operations and enhance the online selling experience. Through ZFS, retailers receive a comprehensive package where Zalando takes care of all logistics and warehouse operations, leveraging its efficient delivery network across Europe.

Partners send their product selection to Zalando’s warehouses, where they are stored, prepared for shipping, orders are fulfilled, and returns are handled.

ZFS Zalando: The benefits

ZFS offers partners a range of benefits, including:

  1. Maximizing opportunities through Zalando’s Partner Program to achieve even greater impact.

  2. Reducing logistics costs and improving business profitability.

  3. Taking advantage of the marketplace’s presence in international markets to expand the company and achieve broader coverage in Europe.

  4. Meeting customer expectations with fast and punctual deliveries.

  5. Enjoying the advantages of Zalando’s high logistics standards.

  6. Overcoming warehouse capacity limitations through the marketplace’s consolidated infrastructure.

How to start selling on Zalando? Rely on Yocabè!

Selling on Zalando represents a tremendous opportunity for e-commerce businesses that aim to reach a vast audience of European customers. The importance of having a supportive partner like Yocabè in this process cannot be underestimated.

Zalando offers numerous advantages to e-commerce businesses that choose to sell on its platform, including:

  • The potential to reach millions of users.
  • High visibility.
  • The opportunity to provide a convenient and affordable shopping experience to customers.
  • Additional services to enhance sales performance.

Relying on an intermediary for marketplace sales allows e-commerce businesses to focus on their core business, saving time, resources, and operational costs.

Yocabè, in fact, provides comprehensive 360° support to its partners in managing their relationship with the marketplace. They offer technology, field-proven expertise, and a wide range of services.

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